Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Warhammer doubles

Last weekend was Warhammer doubles at Warhammer world. Its the first time I've been to a tournament and Warhammer World.
My weekend started very early (5am) on Saturday morning with a hurried cup of coffee then a drive to collect my team mate Matt from his house. We then bombed up the M1 with a quick stop at Watford gap services for a double sausage and egg mc muffin. We got to Nottingham and Warhammer world at 8:30am, registered our team and got our first table. We were up against Ben and Jen, who were playing Ogres and Lizardmen respectively. They had done a fantastic job of painting and themeing their army mixing parts from the Lizardmen in with the ogres. I'm pretty sure they got a nomination for best painted army and scenery. We got set up and going with a nice bloody crunch of ogres in the middle. My knights swept up the left hand side of the board crushing the scrap launcher and a unit of skinks. on the other side of the board I had a unit of 15 warriors with a mark of Khorne. They got stuck in with a stegadon. It was a fun battle and we won also gaining two points for our secret missions.
Our second game on Saturday was against Dan and Adam with Khorne Demons and Beastmen. this game was hard. fortunately my Sorcerer of Slaanesh rolled ecstatic seizures for his spell. which was cast several times with devastating effect on Dan's Bloodletter horde. It took out half of them before battle was really joined. We did quite well, wiping out Dan's demons but Adam's minotaurs proved too tough. Dan and Adam left about 4 of our models on the table at the end of the game as they chased them into the hills. We had finished that game ahead of schedule so we went off to the bar.
Bugmans bar is really nice, you could almost forget that you were sat in a warehouse on a trading estate in Nottingham. The beer is good. the seating is comfy and the staff are friendly. we also had a wander round the Games workshop. The stock is much better than the regional hobby centres but they still didn't have all the models on show like I had hoped. Matt and I drooled over forge world models we shouldn't afford.
Game 3 was against Jim and Alex with warriors of chaos and ogres. It turns out that Jim and Alex go to a games club in Hammersmith. We had a really friendly game and didn't mind losing at all.

More tomorrow

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