Thursday, 26 May 2011

More on game 3, the mission we were playing was Blood and Glory, where the aim is to capture standards and destroy generals. Our tactics were flawed and we went in piecemeal rather than with supporting charges. Both of their command units had a lot of staying power. We also had a lot of bad dice rolls with a big miscast wounding the my sorcerer, his bunker and Matt's giant on a spell that didn't really need casting.
We were thinking about staying round in the evening for open gaming and the pub quiz /duel of heroes but thought it might be better to see what Nottingham had to offer. Jim told us about the Trip to Jerusalem, a pub in the walls of Nottingham castle that the crusaders went to before setting off for the holy land.
We went back to our hotel and got showered and changed as a hall with over 200 people playing games can get very hot and sweaty. Walking from Bugman's into the main arena there is a wall of stench that slams into you. Its not pleasant.
Showered and refreshed we headed into Nottingham again. We had to go past Warhammer world so we popped in to see if they were still serving dinner. They were so we ate there and then set off for the Trip to Jerusalem  The Trip is a lovely pub with very nice beer and really full of history. but Saturday evening is not the best time to visit it. there was one group of lads playing a loud and complicated drinking game and another group in typical boys night out fashion. It could just be that I haven't been to a town centre pub on a Saturday night for millennia. We then went to see what else the city had to offer. The castle is nice, the meat market (night club) across the road was grim. We wandered past various Restaurants including "The Cumin" which we wondered if the food would be salty and a karaoke bar. We headed back to the car. 
I remembered passing a marina on the way into the city so we thought there might be a nice pub overlooking the river. We found the Hungry Horse, it was not a nice pub. 
We sat and chatted by the marina for a while then headed back to the hotel.

Avoiding the £13.50 that Novotel wanted for breakfast. we headed off to warhammer world for a sausage bacon and egg cob and a coffee. the food at Warhammer world is excellent!
Our fourth game was against Paul and Andy. There was no way we were going to win it. Paul had high elves and Andy had dwarves. this shut down our magic phase meaning we had a long trek across the battle field while being shot at with out doing any softening up before we got within charge range. we did manage to do some damage but were left with no models on the table with an hour and a half to spare.
We went to the bar then to the shop where matt was eyeing up some ogre cavalry. After lunch we went back to the shop and I got some weathering powders and Matt got the ogres. While i was getting the weathering powders, Jim came up behind me and said "You don't need those, your weathering is fantastic already." speaking to the guy behind the till- "You should see his nurgle Knights, they're as good as anything the studio can do" :-)

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  1. I just stumbled upon this looking for website inpsiration. This isn't the same site you had at the beginning is it Andy?

    Nice to read about the weekend. glad you had a good time! I did :-)