Tuesday, 10 May 2011

In the shadow of my 31st birthday

In the next few days I'll be 31, I'm feeling quite chilled about this. I was thinking about what others have accomplished by this point and I think I'm pretty well set up.

I don't have a "career." My life has taken a different route, I trained as a gardener and groundsman but I gave up work to look after my wife and children. This means I get to spend time with my kids that other parents just don't.
I'm happily married and I'm not sure how many of my contemporaries can say that.
I have two wonderful sons. A is 5, J is 2. Its great to watch them grow up, A is obsessed with football at the moment and has a memory that just blows my mind. J is so cute and is just starting to pretend.
the house is full to bursting with little bits of plastic, what with my Warhammer armies and the array of toy cars, dinosaurs, Lego and Playmobil.

In the next few weeks I'm going to be learning how to paint with an airbrush. My parents have got me an airbrush and compressor for my birthday.
I'll be posting my progress with that here.

thats probably enough for now

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