Saturday, 29 December 2012

A noisy christmas

I've been learning the guitar for a while now and I'm starting to be able to make a reasonable noise with it. So I've decided to get an electric guitar as well. What I really wanted was a Gibson SG and Marshall stack but as I'd quite like to stay married I went for the more reasonable (in volume, size and cost) encore E69 and 10W practice amp. 
It makes a wonderful racket and with enough practice I should be able to get some recognisable tunes.
We also got our eldest son his first guitar, a clasical to toughen up his fingers and learn some chords on. He's got his eye on my new guitar and was wondering if I could run his through the amp.
We are starting to get a lot of instruments for a small flat with no sound proofing.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Golden snitch Christmas tree ornament

Karina has been looking through pintrest and finding loads of cool things to make, we particularly liked this one- A golden snitch Christmas tree ornament from tiny apartment crafts

Please go and have a look at how Gabrielle made hers.

I've adapted it a little because of the materials I had lying around.
here's a shot of the wing form made from guitar G string bent into shape and soldered 

then glued into the tissue paper.

 I was using a plastic bauble rather than the glass one that Gabrielle used so I could use a GW hobby drill to put a couple of tiny holes in and post the ends of the guitar string into the bauble

Here is the finished snitch on our tree looking all glittery

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Rocking out for a painting competition

Here is the finished model for the Purbrook models competition on facebook. 
The work in progress pictures are here
I like how the pose has come out and I'll keep you updated as to how I do.
Edit: I won! There were only two other entries which were both really well painted. I'm still waiting for them to get in touch about the prize.