Friday, 31 August 2012

Warhammer 40,000 bases

First casts of my new 40k bases fresh from the mold. They need a little clean up work but I'm pleased with them. The scruffy background is my cutting mat. It saves me trying to get all the overspray, dripped glue and resin off the table. I should get these painted this evening and some figures on them soon.

2100 page views and 40k base greens

I was just about to post photos of the 40k bases I was working on a couple of nights ago when I noticed this blog had received 2100 views. I never thought there would be so much interest in my work when I started writing this in may 2011. I'm quite pleased with this. Anyway, on to more interesting things.

With the release of the new Warhammer 40,000 box set I have been inspired to dig out an old project that had ground to a halt. A chaos cultist guard army. As the army is quite varied in style, I wanted to tie them together with matched bases. I made these as a muddy deployment field with tire and tank tracks everywhere. I've just finished making a mold for them and I'll get the first casts later today.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Tzeentch Lord of Change

I received this model as a trade and I was trying to think how I could improve the 1998 sculpts. I went with changing the pose and using both heads. 
The tree was left over from the heresy dragon and I thought it would make a nice perch for the old bird.
Its a nice model but the pictures on the box and GW's website do it no favours. Hopefully I can do a good job on it. 
It was a swine to put together. I started at about 8 and finished three and a half hours later with much drilling, pinning and super gluing fingers together.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Adventures in grey stuff.

When I ran out of green stuff last time I picked up some of the Gale force 9 grey stuff as I had heard good things about it. These are some photos of Geoffrey the Orang-utan. He may become a DJ or a Butler  

And a 28mm Victorian Doctor making a house call. He is based on a ebob miniatures puppet because I've still not quite got the hang of making an armature of my own yet. I've just had an idea that I'm going to try out for it, If successful I'll post more here. 

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Some other bits that needed finishing off

Here are another couple of projects that have been sat in the queue for too long. 20 Mantic skeletons for my undead army.

A unit of trolls to go with Throgg on the battlefield converted from the battle for skull pass troll and Ogre weapons

Heroquest Fimir on 40mm bases 


I've not posted for a while because I've been trying to finish off this. It feels like i've painted nothing but hobgoblins for months. First up is a horde of hobgoblin archers. There's 40 of them with unit fillers

Then there is a unit of 35 hobgoblins with shields and axes. I've got more of these in the pipeline.