Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fine cast is here

I'm trying to decide whether I'm excited by this.

on the one hand GW are improving the reproduction quality of their models and new sculpts for finecast will take advantage of the changes.
On the other hand, Price rise? Resin dust? and worst of all- the loss of the iconic blister pack. I love the blister packs. Opening them I am transported back to the early nineties and No1 Dalling Rd. They have such nostalgia value for me. The little rubbish bit of foam and the backing board. I will be sad to see them go.
I remember all the complaints about the price rise with the introduction of White Metal. Lots of people saying that it would end the hobby for them. I still meet up with them to play warhammer. Because the games are good we will keep playing and therefore buying Citadel. It would be fantastic if GW top management treated its players with a little respect instead of wringing them dry so they can get that new yacht.

  RIP Games Workshop 
Metal Miniatures
in Blister Packs

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