Monday, 8 April 2013

Reaper Bones

Having some spare funds sat in my pay-pal account I decided to treat myself to some of the Reaper Bones range from Tim at 
I must say that I am really pleased with them. For £10.35 I got 6 miniatures. 

The cave troll I have had my eye on since it was released. I thought it would make a good base for a unit of trolls to add to a Throgg list. It matches the Bfsp troll hight wise quite well once it is mounted on a 40mm base
The Ogre cheiftan is a nice model with plenty of detail. It has been well moulded with an interesting design adaptation for the bones line. It uses a 3 part mould to get the depth of sculpt available from a 2 part silicone mould for white metal. Here it is stood next to a bfsp troll
The Dwarf warrior is a fantastic sculpt that I plan to use as a chaos dwarf hero. It is a touch larger than the bfsp dwarf but I plan to mount him on a rocky outcrop base to make him look more heroic. Hopefully it will make the size difference less noticeable.
The Bathalian I plan to turn into a Tzeentch sorcerer possibly on a disk. It matches the chaos warriors nicely for size and is very detailed. I am probably going to drill and pin the staff because it is a little floppy.
The young dragon and giant spider were bought without a plan in mind. I will probably just paint them up for fun although I might turn them into a mount and a drider

Here is a group shot with a true 28mm doctor I sculpted from an armature from ebob miniatures
A rather lovecraftian party

I hope all of this proves useful to someone. I'm really pleased with the Reaper bones line and can't wait for all the miniatures they developed for the kickstarter to go on general sale. I was completely skint when they were running it but there looked to be some fantastic miniatures in there. In the mean time pop over to Miniature Heroes for all sorts of fantastic figures including their range of Pre Owned Citadel miniatures. 

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