Thursday, 3 January 2013

Chaos Dwarfs and Ogres Vs Empire and Dwarfs

Yesterday Matt invited me to play Warhammer doubles with two friends who were visiting from Holland  Merlijn and Martin. 
I thought this would be a good opportunity to get my chaos dwarf army for the first time.

We played 1500 points each. My list included 2 units of infernal guard with fire glaves, 30 hobgoblin archers, 10 hobgoblin wolf riders, 3 k'daai fireborn, a death shrieker and a hellcannon lead by a Demonsmith sorcerer with the lore of metal. 
Matt went with a big block of iron guts a small unit of leadbelchers and half a dozen ogres. his general was a slaughtermaster called Buttcrack the deep and meaningful.
First turn as Merlijn's Reiksguard knights trot across the board in the foreground and his demigryphs head towards the gap between the lake and house in the background. 

A slightly blurry shot of our battle line.  

the dwarf and empire battle line.

Things started going wrong for us from our first turn. Matt made a sucsessful charge against the Reiksguard knights and killed 4 routing them but leaving himself wide open to the 30 dwarf quarrellers. my hellcannon made an easy target for the combined cannons but survived long enough to take some big lumps out of the empire halberdiers. The K'daai charged the demigryph knights and held them up for a couple of turns before being wiped out by instability.  Turn two saw ogres on the right flank wiped out by iron breakers who then took up residence in the building. A misfire blew up the deathshrieker. my small unit of  infernal guard chose not to accept the challenge of a massively long charge into 30 crossbows and went home taking my general with them.  

the hobgoblins reformed to meet the ironbreakers then thought better of it and fled off the board

The large unit of ironguts made short work of the empire halberdiers and then turned round to deal with the demigryphs and luminark who had minced the K'daai, 16 Infernal guard and the leadbelchers. 

with only one unit of ogres left on the battlefield, Matt charged into the massed hordes of dwarfs for total annihilation.
Victory for the forces of good and a good fun game.  

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