Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Warhammer at the weekend

On Sunday my good friend Matt came over for a game of Warhammer. I've given up trying to beat him as every time I've played against him I've lost. He is a much more experienced general than me.
With this in mind I chose an army list that I wanted to get the models out for rather than something competitive. I chose 1596pts of Chaos Dwarfs with 904 points from the old Warriors of chaos list.
there was a big Troll unit with Throgg at the helm two death shrieker rockets, a hell cannon and K'daai fireborn.
We tried to play a more interesting battle with a unit of bretonian bowmen defending a watchtower with an artefact in it. The Chaos Dwarfs wanted to take the item and the Dwarfs were sworn to destroy it. The luckless bowmen were stuck in the village gate house with two armies looming down on them.

Set up

Repairing a Gyrocopter

Infernal Guard chasing a fleeing Gyrocopter

Checking LoS from a badly positioned Deathshrieker rocket launcher. This is a great use for a camera. I was able to get right down onto the table and we could agree without bias whether anything was visible. 

Dwarfs declare a flank charge on Infernal Guard. Infernal Guard get steamrollered

Trolls in turn charge into the dwarfs and vomit all over them. Dwarfs drown in puke.

Dwarfs chop down the giant

K'daai rout the bowmen from the building causing them to flee between dwarf command and the Infernal Guard. The dwarfs trample the bowmen then charge into the Infernal Guard without pausing to wipe their feet.

The dwarfs fail two charges against the deathshrieker before turn 6 rolls around

The Trolls pursued by the Gyrocopter fail to reach the remaining stone thrower before turn 6.

Great things I have learned from this battle.
  1. Take bigger units
  2. Don't worry about winning 
  3. Use a camera for LoS, it works really well!
  4. A 6'x4' board fits really well on a double bed and makes a great surface for a battle.

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