Sunday, 24 March 2013

Painting a chaotic evil warrior

I sat down with my latest project, the chaotic evil warrior and decided to get it painted. I'd started once before with a black undercoat and building up red from the previous mega paint set. This failed, utterly.
so after a soak in Fairy Power spray and a quick scrub with an old tooth brush I was back at the beginning.

I thought as it was a classic style figure I would use a classic style and dig out my vintage paints. I got these when I had just started playing and painting games workshop in the late 80's early 90's. 

These paints have done a major tour of duty the little plastic tabs to help open the pot went a long time ago but they are still liquid even after decades. It was fun to get the characteristic inverted V on your thumb again.

I started with a white undercoat then used a base coat of Blood Red then a Blood Angel Orange highlight and a Terracotta shade. I then used a Baal Red ink wash to add to the depth of shade

I had to resort to more modern paints for the spear, leather and chainmail. Metal was painted with a gunmetal with a mythril silver highlight and a Agrax Earthshade wash. For leather I used a bestial brown then a black ink wash. The gold studs were painted with Shining gold and the base got a traditional goblin green for that true retro look. It isn't perfect but I am very pleased to say that I made it from scratch- sculpted, cast, painted and based.

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