Monday, 4 February 2013

Sculpting a Chaotic Evil Warrior

With the release of the new WoC book and miniatures I decided to dust off my WoC army and add to it but I fancied a more old school look to my figures. I can't afford classic 3rd Edition lead and don't enjoy the hassle of eBay; So I thought I would sculpt and cast my own.

The sculpting process.
I started with an armature made from plastic coated copper wire that I found next to the phone junction box. It was offcuts from phone connection repairs. It is very bendy and wraps easily meaning I have to use less putty and the putty has a good surface to adhere to.

Basic covering of the armature using Gale force 9 Grey stuff. A two part epoxy putty like green stuff but a lot less sticky and much easier to work with. here is the armature stood next to one of my GW chaos warriors for size comparison

Starting to add the details, here the figure has its boots on. I'm learning to mix grey stuff in smaller quantities and let bits cure before doing the next stage. It leads to fewer fingerprints in the finished surfaces 

Up to its waist with Armour plates on the thighs and a Chain mail loin cloth. also shown are a gut plate and a skull because I had some grey stuff left.

Nearly finished, I've just got to sculpt his halberd and put his head on

One chaos warrior helmet ready for ridiculously oversized horns. I've used old dressmaking pins as a starting point for the heads. the un helmeted head will have a beard and some eyes when I next have the grey stuff out.  I might sculpt some more heads after I have cast this so I can have some more variety
A shield with rivets and a skull, I will probably add a wood grain to the back of the shield as it will be visible when assembled

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