Wednesday, 6 July 2011

What's new today?

As I'm slowly going through Google reader this morning I read the Games Workshop Whats new today.
Scrolling down I found a familiar looking model. 
That looks a lot like my mounted Nurgle sorcerer.
I read the text underneath.
Sometimes even us guys in the web team can forget about a model hidden in the darkest depths of the website, and this was one of them. As soon as I saw Andrew Marshall's Mounted Chaos Sorcerer, I knew I had to show it off, because not only is it an awesome figure, but it's also got a great paint job on him. Andrew used Knarloc Green and Khemri Brown as the basecoat colours for the model, with Tausept Ochre for the freehand. What really interested us though is Andrew's technique for painting rust. He added bicarbonate of soda to Bestial Brown and then washed it with Devlan Mud to give it a gnarly, textured effect (going to have to try that myself now).

 It is my mounted Nurgle sorcerer :-)
I'd submitted it ages ago and forgotten about it. 

I'm really pleased to see my work recognised like this. It feels sort of like being published.

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