Monday, 13 June 2011

Painting mountain and "super genius"

I've managed to get a bit of a painting mountain. I've got 3 competition level pieces to paint before august.
One for an exchange on Platoon Britannica which will probably be an orc shaman.
One for an exchange on which will probably be a Dwarf
and finally, Eldessa for The golden bat competition at Carpe Noctem, the vampire counts forum.
plus a 28mm WW1 army, a 6mm seeds of war army, a mordheim warband and necromunda scavies. 
busy, busy, busy!

On a real plus note, I spoke to Adam's head teacher this morning and asked to make an apointment to see her about his progress and continuing to challenge him with maths and english. After I'd identifyed my self and him, she said "Oh, that Adam, Super Genius Adam!" :-D 

Someone else in the playground mentioned Bastille Day so this has been going round my head on the walk home

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